Ifá refers to the system of divination and the verses of the literary corpus known as the Odù Ifá. The Ifá Divination system was added in 2005 by UNESCO to its list of the "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

The Yorùbá religion comprises the traditional religious and spiritual concepts and practices of the Yorùbá people. It has influenced or given birth in the new world to a host of thriving ways of life such as Lucumí, Umbanda and Candomblé.

Our mission is to bring the philosophy, knowledge and wisdom of Ifa to all people, regardless of race, colour, sex or religion in order to promote the welfare and development of all mankind. Life is not just a gift or a present but it is in our responsibility to make best use of our limited time, and wrestling or fighting for what is noble and the best so that we can win the race of happiness, hence a crisis or challenges may or can lead us to greater victory, and joy.

AyeAkamara - Society for the Study of Ifa, Chief Ogunsina Babatunde Olayinka Adewuyi.

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Ogunsina Photo

Sunday, 7 May 2017

ESU - one of the greatest and most revered Divinity - Irunmole

This divinity is generally known as a universal or  divine policeman because of the spiritual duties of enforcing divine laws and order . ESU in reality deter chaos , confusion  and pandemonium in the life of all devotees  of OLODUMARE   at all level in life . Without the activities of this great divinity , the entire universe would have experienced or fall  into  great confusion never seen before in creation  . Had it not been for the fear of the unknown and the law of retributive effect, man would not have given any importance or meaning to life  or to superior forces or try to  know or seek the existence of higher power in creation,   the fact that man will go on the way of his ancestor after short life span , force him to submit to the superior forces of OLODUMARE AND HIS NUMEROUS DIVINITIES.   ESU makes us realize that evil awaits the evil doers at all level , and goodness awaits the wise  here and hereafter   . Man wants to live freely without caution , and he wants to do whatever  suits him and man is delighted in his own  immoral existence and  his  indolence   . Man wants to assume complete authority with ease  but the presence of Ajogun Orun, that is, the punitive knights  of heavenly doom create fear into the life and mind of man to reject arrogance and seek wisdom . Man does not want to worship or revere any higher force or forces, and consequently man does not want to recognize any power higher or explanation beyond his physical existence   not to talk of unseen energies embedded in the universe.  The presence and the knowledge of Esu force man to yield to higher and unseen force of OLODUMARE and His  numerous divinities.

He is the arbiter between   man  in the quest  to  deter evil manifestation in his destiny and attract positive lot to his  life and that of his generation . There is no way we can speak or write about ESU without trying to iron out who is AJOGUN, or ALAJOGUN or AJOGUN ORUN . AJOGUN ORUN , literally means or  translates to ‘’PUNITIVE KNIGHTS OF HEAVENLY DOOM NAMELY , IKU (DEATH) , ARUN (DISEASES) , OFO ( SORROW) , OFO( LOSS) ,ESE(DESTRUCTION ) , EJO (LAWSUITS) . These energies or vibrations are not man –made or  physical reality , they are spiritual forces embedded in the universe to serve as deterrent  to any man who fail to comply to universal laws and orders.. Remember,  weed   grows on uncultivated land , the fool  sees  weeds as  nuisance in the universal order of things , but it is  natural  to have weeds to protect the uncultivated land from losing her richness or fertility while a wise farmer with seed , must sweat through his own effort to replace the weed with the seed . Like the weed of sickness , death , lawsuit , destruction , loss , sorrow and other negative vibrations are well established in the universal order of things  to appreciate life and to ensure that man labor for his spiritual freedom, liberty and opportunity in life . Nothing should come freely to man , all things must be labored for , to appreciate its value and its usefulness. Esu becomes the go between  two opposing  ends of objective of all creatures and discontentment  Life entails the period of happiness and the time of unhappiness,  the time to live and the time to pass on to the world beyond or other side of the universe , the time of  riches and the period of lack , the time to rain and the period of drought , the time of  accomplishment  and  the period of disappointment .
It is a well acceptable fact that good  fruits of life would not come to our life without effort  unless induced or enticed  by effort  or power within and without ( the power within is the spiritual and the power without is the divine –the expansive power of OLODUMARE AND HIS NUMEROUS DIVINITIES).  Bad occurrence or evil manifestation would not stop  coming into our lives  like weed covering up   an un-cultivated  and  fertile land. It is therefore, absolutely compulsory or necessary  to approach  or seek power beyond our control or spiritual wisdom to gain control over this misfortune or negative manifestations. Life itself is the work of spirit , and spirit is life , no one solves what is in the spirit with ordinary human wisdom , the need to delve into spiritual world to effect positive changes in our life and destiny call for the presence of Esu and reverence to  his immense power in the universe. In all human effort to grow and to change the unchangeable, Esu is needed . Esu is said to be the divinity  that connects man to higher forces so  that the presence of ALAJOGUN can be neutralized without delay and other negative powers can be kept away from our own path and that of our generation . Energy of ESU  according to Enitolodu, is the primordial  energetic vibration from the divine realm that  go beyond spiritual, mental , emotional and physical .
ESU is at the middle of both divergent world forces , Esu Controls and regulates the two extremes, the world of happiness, joy and fulfillment , and also the arena of destruction , hopelessness and sorrow . At times, man tries to explain the activities in the world through their unlimited knowledge of the unknown , he fails to realize that , spiritual goes beyond prediction and scientific analysis of man in creation or human reason . The wise knows that beyond the field of human knowledge commences the  true picture of reality , the divine reality of life and limitless vibrations  pervading the  universe,hence to explore this reality , man must connect , initiate or appease to ESU , the adjudicator and arbitrator of these numerous level of creations or many  worlds of existence .
Esu demands  from those who have  to give  to those that do not have or those who demanded  for it , within the limit of sacrifices, and initiations , the spiritual forces spread to cover and guide those who are obedient to the sacrifice and punish those who  neglect possible offerings of sacrifice and initiations. Both world of visible  and  invisible are to be regularized , and since man cannot walk himself to the spiritual realm unaided , he needs the support of ESU to appease to the world of spirit so as to bring and shape his misfortune into fortune and maintain his happy lot from generation to generation .  ESU ,at times, test man through difficulties and wake him up from the slumber or deep sleep of ignorance . Without challenges and death,   no man seeks God , the simple act of having ESU to carry out the function of waking man from deep slumber , gives Him (ESU) , the most reverence and admiration  every  spiritual  man must  do on daily basis.  Sacrifice or initiation is in-complete without offering first ( sacrifice or ritual) to ESU , that is the reason an intelligent devote says ‘’ esu duro niwaju , esu duro seyin awo , ‘’ that is  , You –ESU , be at the front and be at the back of the devote’’. The meaning of the above statement is for Esu to prevent evil of the front and the evil at the back , and if fortune and riches  are coming both at the front and at the back , with the wisdom  and the support of ESU, it will get to us without  delay and disturbance from any quarter .
Esu tests all human and make them pass through the fire of life to know that there is a superior power  above us, that is in control , and the power must be recognized by all creature in their sublime or moving  form .
When ifa reveals the secret of these evil forces and warning to carry out necessary sacrifices to reduce or deter their power , and the devotee agrees to perform necessary sacrifices , ESU then moves into action and take the sacrifice performed by good ifa priest  to the place of acceptance , distribute such sacrifice among various divinities and other elemental forces in the cosmos so that the purpose of the sacrifice can be achieved . In fact  Esu becomes  the pacifier that appeal to all contrary forces in the universe to stop the manifestation of destruction when all necessary sacrifices and spiritual steps have been performed .The duties of Esu go beyond   evil deterrent , ESU also  takes sacrifices to other divinities in heaven so as to enable them carry out the work endowed or instructed or given  to them by God . Remember that most of these divinities are unseen and invisible , and the power to induce them to aid and support our life are  given to ESU through the sacrifices we offered to them .  ESU builds a strong energy for those who carry out spiritual steps as directed by ifa  to prevent negative attack  from getting to us in the physical state of existence and damage our relations with our spiritual colleague and divine partner in heaven-EGBE .
IFA through the knowledge of odu states that ESU came with the greatest primordial divinities during trans-spiritual and divine migration from heaven to the earth .He supported the greatest exodus in  creation , helping all divinities to achieve their purposes, most especially IFA ORUNMILA BARA AGBONNIREGUN . The major work of Ifa is divination and correction of error associated with life   , and also the prescription of sacrifices , rituals, prayer , initiations and other spiritual steps to right the wrong and to rectify all misfortunes associated with human destiny and his generation . Who then become a  facilitator!!! , the answer is ESU , he takes sacrifice to heaven and brings back the good messages from OLODUMARE  AND HIS NUMEROUS DIVINITIES to the doers of sacrifice on Earth . Through this great work ESU KNOWS THE SECRET OF UNSEEN WORLD OF SPIRIT AND THE DESIRE AND ASPIRATION OF MEN ,  these two opposing demands are brought into harmony and have solution through  ESU.
Heaven  needs the attention of man in creation to fulfill their destiny and to fulfill the purpose by which GOD  created him , while man needs the attention of GOD  and His numerous divinities  to SUPPORT himself in the jungle of life   , the balance between the two is facilitated through ESU .
In one of the numerous verses of ifa ,  ESU was seen as the servant and at the same time , the leader of all divinities. He is seen as servant because he feeds them daily with the sacrifice performed by man , and also takes the message of  divinities back to man . While as a leader , because , he is at the throne of  OLODUMARE  on daily basis , knowing the important decisions made by GOD ON DAILY BASIS  and also relates and brings the decision of  OLODUMARE to both divinities and human alike , that is the main reason he is called AJIROBA , -- THAT IS THE ONE WHO SEES ON DAILY BASIS , THE OMNIPOTENT KING OF THE UNIVERSE , OLODUMARE  .
In one of the greatest myth , ESU  intended to dominate and take  all divinities as slaves , he planted one of his properties  inside their different bags  and loads  and declared it missing when they were coming during trans- spiritual migration from ALEDE ORUN( heaven) . ESU  announced  to the divinities that he  was looking for missing properties , and in whose bag the missing property is found would become his   slave .  ORUNMILA , the great (HBA- HEEPA BARA AGBONNIREGUN) , quickly recognized the attitude of ESU, consulted ifa , and it was revealed that , he ( Orunmila) should quickly returned the property(esu put in his bag) back to ESU'S LUGGAGE, before dawn .  ORUNMILA  took the steps as directed by ifa and saved himself and other divinities from being enslaved by ESU ODARA . Till   present , ESU BECOMES THE SERVANT INSTEAD OF LEADER OF DIVINITIES , hence ORUNMILA   directed  ESU to always sleep outside  so as to guide other divinities taking rest or sleeping inside the house ,
According to odu ifa under ejiogbe:

Ifa lo dalarun barun waye
Emi naa wi mo lo dalarun barun waye
Orunmila  loun ri tikole  orun bowa si ikole aye
Oun tepa osun
Esu odara  lo reru  awo tele oun
A difa  fun alarun
Nijo  ESU  odara loun o gba gbogbo ere ise oga oun
Won ni ko karale ebo ni ko ya wa muse
ESU odara gbo gbigbo ebo ko rubo
Kaki ki o ko ere awon oga , nise won ba ti ESU odara si gbalede
Won ti si enu ona , won ti si orita meta ona ara
ESU duro ni waju , ki o kehin awo
Nitori tire loso ro

Ifa says , it is as if the people came to the world with diseases
I confirm the insinuation that people  came to the world with diseases
Orunmila averred  and confirmed , saying , he was coming  from heaven to the physical state of existence
Orunmila said , he was coming and walking with osu staff
ESU  odara was the one that carried  the oracular  bag  on his head following ORUNMILA AND OTHER DIVINITIES
Thus cast IFA ORACLE    for the sick ones
On the day , ESU ODARA  said , he would  take all the gains of his master .
Esu was advised to be patience and offer sacrifice
Esu did not offer sacrifice
Instead of taking all the gains of his master
Esu was pushed out of the house
Esu was pushed to the three cross road
Esu was asked to stay both at the front and at the back
Because only the wise and the spiritual can know the way of ESU

Till today , the shrine of esu is always at the front or back door of the house or  at the
entrance of the house or  office,  to guide and protect the occupier of the house or the office from the attack of ALAJOGUN OR OTHER EVIL MANIFESTATIONS.
Odu iwori meji states  that ESU  becomes the first student of ORUNMILA  during trans- migration  and the name given by  ORUNMILA to ESU is ESU OBASIIN. ( ESU , THE KING THAT SERVES) … TO BE CONTINUED IN THE NEXT LESSON )


Ori - To calm ori and to connect it with ones higher self

Using the vibration of Ose otura

Get a new ifa tray , mark the above odu very early in the morning  on iyereosun , mix the iyereosun with water and small black soap , and use  the water and the soap to wash the head at least three times  repeatedly  in three days . This procedure must be performed very early in the morning before drinking water or eating any food .

Remember that before going on to perform this act , ensure to offer obi , orogbo , atare for Esu lalu , or Elegbara so as to serve as connecting lick between the said Ori and the cosmic vibration of Ose otura . Since Osetura is the odu responsible for Esu at all levels of life , hence , obeisance to Esu Elegbara , Esu odara , Esu lalu , Esu beleke ,  esu .

The incantation used is thus
Doro ponmi o doro
Doro ponmo o doro
Iye omo o jomo o Sun
Omo a ti Sun
Omo a ti loyun
Omo a ti bimo
A dia folori to fori ara re sile
Ti nbo idi ado
Ti o Tetê mo pe ori eni lawure eni
Ori eni isese eni
Ori eni lalabaro eni
Ori eni lapemoni ire
Ori eni lapejuba akoko eni
Ori eni ni seni boti wu
Ori temi Yi , ori ero
Ifa o ba Tetê jê ki ori temi mumi dele ola , dele oro , dele eye , dele isinmi bayi

Translation  of the above verse
Doro ponmi o doro
Doro ponmi o doro
The consciousness of the baby does not allow the baby to sleep in peace
The baby is all about having sexual intercourse
The child is all about becoming pregnant with the fruits of the womb
The baby is all about being born among the living
Thus divine ifa oracle for the winner and the leader who abandoned his own ori
And was offering sacrifice to the miniature gourd
He does not know that one’s Ori is one supporter
He does not know that one’s ori is the first tradition or point of  divine contact
He does not know that one’s ori  is the first benefactor
He does not know that one’s  ori is the  one  that attract blessing to one’s generation
He does not know that one’s  ori is the   to give obeisance on waking up
He does not know that one’s  ori is the to attract the command of higher force and align with that force to bring about  greater achievement and victory
If one does not propitiate ori , he can misgovern and misdirect one’s life  in a way disconnected with higher forces and power.
My Ori must be calm to attract abundance blessings and victory
May ORi bring me to the point of victory , success , health , wealth , riches, prosperity , and surplus  Oh IFA

Then , you can instruct the person to go and bath with soap ,  mixed with iyereosun , which must be repeated three times, in three days , without having sexual contact ,  eating or drinking till the procedure is performed in the morning , it must be first thing in the morning , later , the person in question can eat which must be fruits , vegetables or natural  for three days of aligning with higher power , calmness will surely manifest in the life of the person .

Note , an ifa priest who will undertake this great steps , must stay clear of sex , food , anger , and other unnatural steps or unnatural activities.  The third days , the babalawo will pray and offer this mantra again before the person goes home using the verse from okanran meji  marked  on iyereosun. During the chanting , three  cowries ,  can be used  to rub the iyereosun and touch the head of the person in question

Agbele gbigbo loruko ti a a pe Eegun
Ejiogbe ló te Eegun nifa
O ni gbogbo araye o moo pe sin Eegun
Gbogbo araye  ni ni pe sin egun
Oba ominrinniposa loruko ti a npe Orunmila
Oyeku meji ló te Orunmila nifa
O  ni gbogbo aye ni o moo pe sin Orunmila
Gbogbo araye ni n pee Jô sin Orunmila
Atoba atijoye
Gbogbo won ni n fori bale fun ifa
Won ni fori bale fun ikin
Baba bori jagajigi loruko a ape osanyin
Iwori meji ló te osainyin nifa
O ni gbogbo aye ni o pe e sin osainyin
Gbogbo aye  ni n pee joo sin osanyin
Afunkeke  fala jaye loruko ti a ape Orisa obatala oseremanigbo lotun isalaye
Odi meji ló te obatala  nifa
O ni gbogbo  aye ni o mo sin oosa Nla alaso funfun , oko Yemowo
A jaye gbindin gbindin mo saan ku loruko a ape osun
Irosun meji ló te osun nifa
O ni gbogbo aye ni o moo pe sin osun
Gbogbo aye ni  o npee Jô sin osun
Ajejeje um jaigbo loruko  ti AA pe iwo Ileele
Owonrin  meji ló te ileele nifa
O ni gbogbo araye  ni o moo pe sin ileele
Gbogbo araye  ni a pe sin ileele
Gbogbo araye  ni a pe sin ileele
Saluje mo jomo awo loruko  ti a pe eyin iyaami osoromaniga apani ma wa gun olokiki orun
Obara meji la fi te iyaami osoronga ni fa
Ti a fi osa meji , osa awon to laye pe ori wa wasi isalu aye jingbinrin
O ni ki gbogbo araye ni o moo pe sin eyin iyaami osoromaniga
Gbogbo araye ni a pe Jô sin eyin iyaami mi aje
Sekiri alagbaja
Tefi alaalaagbaja loruko ti a ape Esu  Odara nife oyee, nife odaye , nife odua
Okanran meji ló te iwo esu  odara nifa
O ni gbogbo aye , ni o o pe sin iwo seu odara lotun isalaye
Gbogbo aye ni a pe e joo sin iwo seu odara
Ifa o to gege komo araye o moo pejo waa sin mi ooo
Ori kan sososo lorukoo ni
Orunmila o to gege
Komo araye o waa fi rere owoo won fun mi
Ori kan sososo lorukoo ni
Ewe ojusaju  lo ni won o moo gbe rere se isaajuu mi
Ori meji  ni o gbodo si
Ori temi nikan sosos ni ko wa deni apesin
Ori temi , ko maa um suru labe isoro ni ilê aye
Ori kan sososo loruko ni
Ifa o to gege ki gbogbo araye o moo wa yo mo mi nigbayi ooo
Atewe atagba nii yoo mo iyo
Ori kan sososo nii yo mi iyo
Ori kan sososo loruko ni
Ifa   o to  gegege  koo waa sere temi fun mi
Ogbe mejeejo
Eyin leepe sikiti  ti e e la babalawo lode isalaye
Eyin Lee pe sikiti ti e e la ogberi lode isalaye
O to gegege kee wa la mi ooo

Ela ii gbori igi di mola
Egiri alo , ki wa la mi lode isalaye
Egiri alo

Translation of the above verse
Agbele  gbigbo is the name we call Egungun- The ancestral Power
Ejiogbe was the one that initiated Eegun into IFA oracle
He directed all men to idolize , adore  and give obeisance to egungun
All men worship and revere egungun
Lord Ominrinnipasa is the heavenly name we call Orunmila
Oyeku meji is that energy used to initiate Orunmila bara mi Agbonniregun  into ifa oracle
He predicted  all would idolize and revere  Orunmila
All  human beings venerate orunmila
Lords and the slave rush to worship orunmila
They all worship ikin under the leadership of Enitolodu
Father with  formedless head   is the appellation and description of osaiyin
Iwori meji was the vibration used to initiate Osaiyin into IFA cult
Ifa said , all men would venerate osainyin
The entire world bow before the lord Osainyin to tap from his mystical power
 Whiteness and purity (afunkeke fala jaye)  is the name we call Orisa Obatala the ancient of days
Odi meji was the vibration that initiated Obatala into ifa oracle
Ifa  directed all men  to adore and worship the lord of white and purity in the physical state of existence and in the heaven above
All men heeding to ifa advise and start to worship the lord of Whiteness and the patient –Obatala the ancient of days .

Ajaye gbindin-gbindin  mo saan ku is the name we call Osun
Irosun meji is the vibration used to initiate yeye Osun Segeye
Ifa directed all men to worship and venerate yeye Osun olomi tutu
All venerate yey Osun ajalaye

Ajejeje mu jaigbo  is the name we call Ileele
Owonrinmeji is the vibration used to initiate ileele---mother earth
He predicted that all people would venerate ileele—mother earth
All over the world ,
Mother earth  spread  all over the world

Saluje  mo jomo awo  is the name we call you , the lady of Nightly rite – the mystical bird of the night
Obara meji is employed and used to initiate oh yee the lady of Nightly rite-iyaami osoronga
Using the vibration of osa meji to bring them into the world of men and institute their power to effect all changes in life
All men give their obeisance to Iyaami Osoromaniga

Teni Alaalaagbaja is the name we call Esu Odara  in the city of the mystery , the holy city of Ife
Okanran meji was the one that initiated esu odara into ifa oracle
Ifa directed all men to adore and idolize  Esu odara
All men idolize and worship Esu odara

Ifa is the right time  the men of the world gather together to adore me
It is only one head  that  he-goat (male goat)
Orunmila bara Agbonniregun  , it is the right time , people venerate me and worship my Ori
For men of the world  to give me the good things  in their keep
It is only one head  that the he-goat  has
Orunmila , it is time
For the men of the world  to give me and accord me the necessary respect and love in life
It is only one head that the he-goat  has
Orunmila  it is the right time
For the men of the world to assemble and bless me
It is only one head that the he-goat has
Orunmila let the men of the world bless and adore me

The leave of ojusaju  has commanded that all men should shower me with mercy , love and prosperity
The two heads don’t  exists on one body , only on special mysterious occasions
It is my head alone that should become idolized and revered
It is only one head  that the goat has
Ifa , it is time  for all the children  of men  to revere and adore me
Both young  and the old  adore the salt
It is only one head  that the goat has
Ifa it is time for you  to do my own , all you eight odu
You are the ones  that form  a bunch to enrich a babalawo on Earth
You are the ones who team up to enrich a babalawo on Earth.
It is the time for you to enrich me
Ela would never be on the top of the holy tree and not bless the world
Of yee the greatest master and savior , be quick to enrich me and calm my head to attract enormous divine blessings


Sunday, 23 April 2017

Words of sound advice for followers of Ifa

Aboru Aboye to all sincere seekers of truth, initiated ones and noble investigators of the path of personal peace, power and fulfillment.

The way of Ifa is simple and not complicated. Simplicity, honesty, straightforwardness, patience, kindness, respect, gratitude and applied intelligence is the way to abiding peace, good health, divine ability and faith based on personal experience.

It is good to have an open mind and a willingness to trust. But together with an open mind and willingness to trust there must be a personal resolve to confirm, ascertain, verify and establish the sincerity, good-heartedness and personal qualifications of another. Blind faith is no faith. Blind faith is death. Blind faith is ignorance and a sure sign of immaturity. Just a we cannot in advance profess that a certain fruit is tasty, good and refreshing if we have never eaten it to know for ourselves its taste, goodness and beneficial properties in like manner we are not and cannot profess faith, trust and/or confidence in another without personal verification and clear evidence. A good heart has to be balance by an impartial intelligence. Never allow others to tell advantage to you. Never ascribe to others in advance qualities, abilities and graces that you personally do not know them to have.

One can serve Olodumare and be normal. Extremism is not an expression of godliness. One can live a simple life fulfilling one's duties to ones family and community and at the same time enjoy a deep and profound relationship with and realization of the greatness, sweetness and glory of Olodumare. Practical action informed by divine wisdom and actuated by divine love is the way to enjoy abiding peace, harmony, happiness, contentment and inner accomplishment.

Just like a person invests time, effort and investigates carefully before commiting their life, time and resources to a cause so should a seeker of truth be careful at the time of selecting another person to be a guide and teacher to them. Always seek the light and guidance from the Source Supreme- Olodumare Enitolaye - The Owner, source and repository of all powers, energies, virtues and graces. Only Olodumare can be our master, true teacher and companion of the heart. We are His disciples only. All others are only agencies of truth and light. They are reliable and good agencies and/or channels of truth only to the extent that they are abiding by the truth, living the truth and sharing divine knowledge and experiences honestly. When they cease to be this we are free to turn away from them. No man or group of men owns our life and no group of men has the right to rule and govern us in regard to seeking the truths of the divine realm. We have been endowed by Olodumare with freedom, power and ability to think, choose and decide for ourselves by the gift of the good mind, intelligence and conscience that He has given us. We alone are responsible for what we decide and choose. Others should not think, decide and choose for you. This is your divine privilege and prerogative. Do not hand over to another the divine wish fulfilling gem that Olodumare has deposited in your heart.

Have simultaneous confidence in Olodumare as you personally understand, perceive and apprehend Him and in yourself. The spirit, presence, divine light and eternal truth of Olodumare is within you. Others can only point you to it or reveal this fact to you but they cannot give you what is not theirs to give. They cannot give to you what you already have. Neither can they take it from you. It is Olodumare's gift and endowment of love, respect and reverence for you. Each one has received his own eternal, beautiful and mysic treasure from Olodumare. Discover it. Relish it. Live in it, by it and for it and you will realize sanctity, divine knowledge and supreme love. When this treasure is personally discovered, verified and realized the spiritual life moves along smoothly, with gracefulness, sweetness and effortlessness. Effortlessness is experienced not because one has ceased to exert, discipline and apply oneself but because everything that ones is doing is done with a spirit of enthusiasm, attraction, interest and delight so it feels effortless, natural, moving along like the waters of the river flow effortlessly in its journey to reach its source, the ocean.

Eventually a moment in your spiritual development will arrive when you will have to learn how to depend on your own trained and disciplined spiritual senses, intelligence and power. Learn how to trust and be lead by your own divinely given spiritual root or foundation. You are not to be lead by the unique root and foundation of another but by your own. This is root, foundation and essence which lives in and guides, monitors and enhances your spiritualized (divinized) mind is called Ori Inu.

When you are established, unified with and conscientiously and consciously living in union and harmony with your Ori then you are an Orisa (Ori-Sa): One who is personally lead, filled and permeated with the divine presence, power and grace (uncreated love filled and intelligence permeated energies of Olodumare.

When you unique personality and matured divine character is blended, mixed and/or fused with Ori then you are a living Orisa of the earth displaying gracefulness, divinity, love, authority and divine sweetness in all you do. You become an alluring, attractive, divinely irresistable and charming person able to effect power inner transformations and upliftment in the lives of others.

Aspire for this. Ifa is for this. The study and practice of Ifa is for the purpose of attaining the mature fruit of Ifayelele: divine accomplishment, fulfilment of our destiny (Olodumare's pre-ordained multifaceted blue print plan of growth, development, happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment) for our lives. Destiny does not mean making or setting up our own goals, plans or objectives for and then attempting to fulfil them. This is not destiny but sure failure and frustration. Destiny is to acknowledge the reality and place of Olodumare in our life and learning from Ifa what Olodumare's supreme aim and goal is for our life.

To bring our feelings, thoughts and will in unison with Olodumare's revealed glorious purpose and to live to achieve and realize this purpose is to live in and enjoy the state or condition of Ifayelele. Harmony with ones true and eternal purpose of existence. This state, condition and divine awareness called Ifayelele deepens, expands and becomes sweeter from day to day. From Ifayelele arises unending divine vitality, strength, happiness, joy, peace, serenity, awe and the clear conviction that life and all of its ups and downs are for our ultimate good and happiness. All becomes a vision of grace, beauty and love. In everything, in everyone, in every occurence one beholds Olodumare and experiences the mystery of divine love and wisdom at work. In Ifayelele we are free from self preoccupation, self-consciousness and selfishness. In Ifayelele we are beyond the measure of good and evil, vice and virtue as formulated by the ogberi (unenlightened and worldly minded person). We are situated in Ifayelele in the divine transcendental state and are lead not by our own finite intelligence and petty minds but by the Supreme Divine Current of perfect intelligence, health, wellbeing and kindness which cannot be obstructed, hindered, blocked or overturned by anything or anyone. A man or women in Ifayelele is free from the sufferings of this world and is filled with divine light, rapture and supreme delight. The man or woman established in Ifayelele remains in peace, goodness, patience and love and cannot be agitated, ruffled or moved by the mean, indifferent and selfish words and actions of others. Life a lotus flower that is born in the mud yet it is not soiled by dirt and remains unstained even though its roots are buried in the mud underneath the waters so does the man or woman established in Ifayelele can live in this world but be above it. He or she is not actuated by the thoughts, feelings, motives or desires of the ogberi but is moved only by the divine sentiment and power. This is what your aim and goal should be in your careful study and practice of Ifa. If you think that Ifa is to accumulate the temporary benefits of physical health, material wealth, supernatural abilities and affluence then you are mistaken and have not understood Ifa at all. Ifa to attract to the essential begins by giving you provisional blessings (benefits) such a improve health, enhanced abilities, fulfillment of basic necessities for living effectively and a measure of affluence or personal confidence for loving with positive and uplifting motivational factors. Health, longevity, good character, patience, rectitude and respect is what Ifa defines as riches and treasures. But to what end does Ifa begin by giving the provisional blessings (benefits)? Ifa does this to stabilize your inner life and establish an basis of confidence, trust and motivation in us so that with that foundational basis we can proceed to the true aim and goal with ease and without needless distraction----Ifayelele.

Think these things over my fellow companions and practitioners of the way. Do not accept them on my word neither dismiss them prematurely. Think carefully, ponder these truths ok your heart, allow these truths, ideals and spiritual facts to interact with your Ori. You will see, feel, experience and know on your own the truth and power of these words because they are of one essence and reality with your own Ori. Apply what you recieve from your Ori and gain stability, firmness and foundation in your inner life.

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Mark of Odu Ifa

One thing human beings does not realize , we are all marked for progress , success , happiness and progress , and also the  UNIVERSAL VIBRATION  also mark some individual for destruction , losses, fear , worry , sickness , and failure called in IFA , as AJOGUN ORUN ( Ajogun orun are the  forces responsible for losses, problem with justice , sorrow, diseases, illness , sickness and death ). Marks   are the secret signs of OLODUMARE to identify who will be blessed and who are to be cursed.  Marks are emblems of divine sign to separate the the chosen from the unchosen , the signs that   differentiate the wise (awo) from the fool( ogberi) . Likewise Ifa marks are the secret knowledge of ORUNMILA to identify problem , arising from earthly disorder and the heavenly punitive knights of doom.

Ifa marks are mystical codes and divine signs to gain freedom from evil vibration and to attract  the attention of GOD and his numerous  divinities and  unknown deities  in the cosmos , so that our happy lot can be preserved and our misfortune can be eradicated or eliminated with these marks if properly used and applied to deter problems.  Hence, every IFA devotees and men of wisdom must learn the various sign or marks of each odu and use it to gain victory over Ajogun orun (punitive Knight of heavenly doom) and all earthly attack .

Use the sign or the mark at the first day of  the week or the first day of the years, or the first hour of the day give you a great spiritual power and divine strength to attract the bundle of unseen divine power  to whatever you do or  think or perform  that day , or that week or that year . IFA says , the marks  attract   and install  positive vibration  to your life  and improve your relationship with GOD and his numerous messengers and your guiding divinity.

The marks are signs of harmony , peace and serene atmosphere to bring into harmony or  contact the seen and the unseen , the material and the ideal, the physical and the spiritual , the tangible and intangible , the higher force and the lower  energy , there by creating a conducive and harmonious environment for the victory of the weak and the happiness of the superior . The marks ensure that the tangible and the material or the seen are guarded and guided  in the cosmos , tutored , protected and directed by the divinities responsible for the life victory and life success.The marks are also a medium to enable the wise one to pass through the jungle and fire of life without  being hurt  by the unseen forces of punitive knights of heavenly doom ( AJOGUN OR ALAJOGUN)  -which is the power from the ether or the negative power from unknown  that consume and affect every life in  the world .

More so, the mark deters the power of
  • Elenini, those that hate you for no just reason
  • Omo araiye. the witches and wizards of the world that are bend to destroy your fortune , if you are not intelligent enough to deter their forces through sound spiritual enlightenment
  • Aseni, the imperfect energies and the enemies within the family , or enemies that pretends to be  friends that constantly disturb the peace of  your life and the harmony  of the member of the family and also the happiness and the success of the members of your group
  • Olori-kuku , the stubborn ones, if not curbed want to see that  you  are  consumed by the negative forces of charms , rituals and sacrifices
  • Inunibini - the evil thoughts , and constant evil thinking , doubt , anger that normally crop up in our hearts or  the  mind  of evil  thought affecting our progress , our success and attract other abundant evil thoughts from ether or world around  to crash us  or crash other whom we hold in our thoughts
  • Arogosajuologo,  those that see your blessing before manifesting and have the power to influence  your fortune and happiness, and these power also force you to fight or betray your helper or your mentors

IFA says , evil thought affects our progress and our destiny , our happiness , our success , and establish a strong negative power in our environment , if not  curbed  can be a destructive  mechanism to tear away the family and caused a lot irreparable damages not only to our lives but to our future generations. There is also ancestral curse , epe tabi eegun idile , which  must rectified through iwure , prayer , etutu -rituals, ebo -sacrifices, isese -traditional spiritual steps, itefa,that is initiation , isera , fasting , ohun , power spiritual words  , ogede owuro , early morning spiritual incantation , ikora-eni- ni-ijanu discipline and self control , and iwa - sound moral or good  character , lastly through daily use of  the mark sign of odu, and also odu proper  things will change for the best .

We should always try to mark the sign to enable us get over evil thoughts , evil establishment , evil desire  of others and evil manifestation from the ether . The mark destroys the power outside home or fight on our behalf in the unseen world ,  and  the mark   separates or  demarcates our path and our ways from those who are marked for destruction. The odu mark is a mark of  victory,  a sign of success  and also attraction to goodness from ether. The mark are touch of Divinity(OLODUMARE)  and symbol of higher spiritual forces. IFA says it is a mark of life and victory , and of success.

This week , we shall mark Oyeku iwori to push us to the line of happiness , victory , success joy , strength , power , health , peace and harmony , the mark will also deter the power of envy , and jealous from others AGAINST  us and from us to others  or the mark deter  destructive power within , that are responsible for our arbitrary habits and character that are not conform to divine glory . The mark is as follows

On waking up in the morning or after midnight , mark the odu on IFA tray or white plate with one obi , orogbo , atare and cowries  to trigger extra-ordinary  forces of OLODUMARE  and set on motion the power of all divinities, to take control of your life and the lives of those you love. The mark must be performed in fasting or before you eat very early in the morning. Never eat whenever you want to perform this kind of rituals, ensure that you are in a complete harmony devoid of food, water and sex . Remember that IFA verse or prayer ( because most IFA verses are prayer to deter evil manifestation and to aid you to success) can be  chanted in your local language.

May God bless you.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Dedicating ourselves to Olodumare

Aboru Aboye.

A wise person knowing that all things are ordered, arranged and managed by all wise Olodumare never sorrows. In the Divine Mind -Enitolodu- all things are perfected and accomplished from the very beginning. There is not one wrong thing in Olodumare's administration of wisdom, love and joy. We should abide in peace and humbly knowledge that Olodumare alone is the true knower. A wise person understands from the heart that whatever happens by the decree of Olodumare is for the supreme good. All the ordinances that proceed from ile ase, (the divine sanctuary of command, authority and power) where Olodumare resides, is for the ultimate happiness, satisfaction and good of one and all. We can be free of care and  worry only when we offer up our ego to kind and compassionate Olodumare and dispose ourselves to be his humble subjects, servitors and friends.

Compliance with divine directives is the highest merit, blessing and joy. Worship and devotion means loving-trusting obedience to the directives of Olodumare. When we willingly and joyfully comply with Olodumare it can be concluded that we have sound understanding and intelligence. No service offered or rendered to Olodumare is in vain. Even without our asking or desiring it, He rewards us graciously and abundantly out of His love, appreciation and gratitude towards us. Even though Olodumare is the Supreme King and Owner of all, there is no trace of ego or pride in Him. He feels indebted to His servants, children and friends for the most minimal service of kindness, love and respect rendered to Him. Olodumare is always mindful of us and not Himself. Olodumare is always originating, planning and arranging the best means and methods to bring us to fullness of joy, relief, and happiness. 

Ego is the root of all evil. The attitude of 'I', 'me' and 'mine' is the illness and cancer that fills us with continual sorrow, suffering, conflict and affliction. But when we from the heart, adopt the attitude that my mind, my body, my resources, my health, my life, my intelligence, my ability, my family, my children, my friends, my spouse, my time and my home all belong to Olodumare and are cherished by Him, then peace and serenity arises in us. When we comprehend that Olodumare defends and protects the rights of others just as he defends and protects our rights, we then live a balanced life possessed of reverence and respect for the authority and power of Olodumare. Olodumare is not the lover of injustice. He is the Lord and lover of Rectitude who will dispense corrective discipline on those who are abusive, recalcitrant, and malicious and who delight to exceed the bounds of propriety.

When we treat others, our belongings and the belongings of others as realities that are in fact owned by Olodumare and belong to Him, we then treat people and things with greater respect, love, care and appreciation. When the understanding and attitude that we exist solely to serve and please kind and loving Olodumare, who is the owner and creator of our lives the do we become free from ego and its oppression upon our minds. When this attitude is firmly established in the mind then life becomes something of great beauty, wonderful and adventurous. Then only can a person understand that life is not meaningless or purposeless, but he understands that he is a servant, disciple and child of Olodumare. We are eternal friends, children and servants of Olodumare.

No one loves, cherishes, nurtures and takes care more of what is his own than Olodumare. We can trust Olodumare. Everything he respectfully orders us or lovingly asks us to do always has manifold blessings, prosperity and merit attached to it. When we come to more accurately know the personality and character of Olodumare ones discovers that one never has to ask of Olodumare to save us because one understands that Olodumare has always been and always will be looking out for our continual happiness and benefit. With this understanding and appreciation of Olodumare, we are able to serve Him joyfully and lovingly without selfish desires and without a tainted devotion. Serving Olodumare without a calculating spirit, selfish motives or a bartering disposition is what devotion means. It means me serve Him because we love Him, we approve of His ideals and aims and share (have) affinity with Olodumare's purposes in such a deep and wholehearted way, that when we do the directives of Olodumare we feel as if we were accomplishing and doing our own will or heart felt desires, due to our heart and mind being at one with Olodumare i.e. we truly feel and perceive Olodumare's will, plan and desire for us as our own.

Only when we are established in such a relationship with Olodumare can we know true freedom or deliverance from worry, fear, uncertainty and anxiety. Only in such union, born out of understanding and devotion, can we know freedom of heart and we then proceed to abide in joy and happiness, because our minds are nolonger oppressed and dominated by blind passions, selfishness and defilements which afflict us with continual sorrow, suffering and unsatisfactorines. Have we realized with our hearts and not in a superficial intellectual way that Olodumare is the supreme Oluwo? Olodumare is the sole owner, possessor, maintainer and rightful disposer of everything and everyone without exception? Everything and everyone belongs to Him. Nothing we can plan on our own can be better, more satisfying and fulfilling that that which Olodumare plans for us. He is the source, origin and unfathomable repository of all powers, virtues and desirable qualities. Has it been deeply impressed upon our heart and mind that this vast entire creation of millions upon millions of stars, galaxies, diverse worlds and diverse myriads of living beings, powers, intelligences, spirit personalities, divinities and other awesome creations that our minds cannot ponder or comprehend are all contained, nourished and nurtured in the 'womb' or 'belly' of Olodumare?! Has is set in, that Olodumare fills this entire and vast creation with His personal presence or ase and that Olodumare simultaneously transcends His wonderful creation.

Olodumare our True Friend, Father, Mother and Heart Companion is immanent and transcendent?! Everything is existing within Him.  These thoughts and considerations should inflame a fervent love for and appreciation of the magnanimity, glory and excellences of Olodumare. Let us honor, revere and worship our divine Friend-Father-Mother by practicing His qualities and exemplifying His noble character. Let us make the assimilating of the personality of Olodumare our chief aim in life. The character-personality of Olodumare is the truth.

Aboru Aboye.

The way to Ifayelele (Divine love-intelligence consciousness)

Aboru Aboye. Ogbo ato asure iworiwofun.

Have compassion and friendliness towards all beings whereby Olodumare is satisfied. What is unattainable when Olodumare the Source Supreme is satisfied? Inner peace, contentment, happiness and well being are desired and sought for by all. Peaces of mind and inner contentment are products of living in harmony with iwa and otito. Looking for peace and happiness in the accumulation of material objects or effervescent worldly circumstances is as illusory, pointless and futile as attempting to try to capture a mirage. True peace, joy and contentment are that which can be had independently of changing circumstances only when we are progressively established in Ifayelele (divine consciousness of love, intelligence, courage and complete inner satisfaction).

When the heart and mind are permanently merged and united with the ase of Olodumare, this is Ifayelele (the blissful transcendental state or condition). In Ifayelele we are rooted and established in the primordial realm of causes and are freed from trying to make sense of the bewildering world of multitudinous effects over which we have no complete control. We are at peace with the world and ourselves when we are established in Ifayele. This is why Orunmila Oba Atayese praised Ifa and said, "Ifa you and I are very united. We are certainly one."  The meaning, depth, power and significance of these words would take an entire volume to explicate so as to do justice to its sublimity, beauty, power and vision, but in a nutshell the continual aim and goal of Orunmila for himself and his followers is Ifayele. The transcendental state and condition of Ifa consciousness; or qualitative conscious union with the Ifa spirit of limitless light and life is Ifayelele.

Ifayelele experience moulds our character, and strengthens and sublimates our personality.  Ifayele does not submerge our personality but enhances it. Ifayelele makes our mind or intelligence progressively one in quality and power with Ifa. Ifayelele does not make everyone identical or the same, but causes the original and unique blueprint for our persons, according the divine purpose set by Olodumare, to reach fruition. The experience and condition of Ifayelele is one of inner sweetness, peace, unshakeable serenity, purity, love, contentment, awe or rapture, super abounding ecstatic supreme confidence, assurance and joy.

When people first approach Ifa they usually do so when a life problem emerges, leading them to find solutions, suggestions and/or remedies through consulting the divine Ifa oracle. Solutions, suggestions and remedies are sought by many through Ifa for the above reasons. Some approach Ifa looking for health, others come seeking doors of opportunity for gainful employment, some come seeking a life partner (love), others solutions to family problems or other pressing personal problems. The reasons people come to Ifa are countless. The reasons are mostly for solutions related to personal or mundane problems. Comparatively speaking few people actually approaches Ifa with the purpose of fulfilling their spiritual longings and need for spiritual actualization or realization through Ifa knowledge, wisdom and understanding. Most come to resolve immediate personal concerns or problems.

But as the person experiences the ase, power and efficacy of Ifa, they begin to sense that there is a greater depth, dimension or purpose to Ifa than just the remedying of immediate problems associated with health, love, money, success in business ventures etc. They slowly come to realize, understand and appreciate that Ifa has a higher and over-arching purpose than just the remedying of personal problems or concerns. Ifa is genuinely interested in responding to and remedying our immediate personal concerns, but Ifa is not limited to just this, even though this is an importance and attractive feature or function of Ifa. It is only over time that a conscious awareness dawns on the person, that Ifa is seeking to do and achieve in a persons life, much  more and beyond than what they consulted Ifa for. Ifa seeks to accomplish something beyond the remedying of immediate problems or concerns that we often posit before Ifa.

In oriki Ifa it is clearly stated that if we knew Orunmila (Ifa) more closely, accurately or intimately, we would know  (experience) immortality, eternal life, complete inner satisfaction, serenity and perfect spiritual fulfilment. This immortality, eternal life, joy, complete inner satisfaction, abiding serenity and perfect spiritual fulfilment refers to attaining the highest divine state, condition or quality of life that is enjoyed by Olodumare and the perfected Orisa. This state is known as Ifayelele. Oriki Ifa says, 'Ki a mo o ki a la, Oba Alade Olodu Merindinlogun',  ('To know him (Ifa-Orunmila) is to find salvation, King of the Sixteen Principles of Creation.') To experientially know Ifa is to be personally established in Ifayelele. When one is established in Ifayelele one has power to convert poison into medicine and worry into happiness.

Because Orunmila is himself established in the Ifa spirit of limitless life and life (Ifayelele), he is also known as the one who can convert our worries into happiness. 'Ayo teere gb'ara san'le ma fi ara pa, a s'oro d'ayo' (The young one who falls without injury, he who transforms worry into happiness.) The invitation and challenge of Ifa is that we do not become merely content with knowing the high status and ability of Orunmila that enables him to do the wonderful he does, but that we ourselves should grow in our development and attainment of Ifa consciousness, so that in union with Orunmila we might be agents of blessing, healing, comfort and joy to others. That we too might have in ourselves the power to avert, diminish and destroy the power and influence of death (decline, loss, illness, disease, anxiety, fear, worry and decay of all kinds). This is the secret Ifa will share with us and bestow upon us if we become sincere and humble resolute dedicated students and practitioners of the confidential mysteries of Ifa. We should without doubt rely on Orunmila, but one should know that the aim of Orunmila is not to make us dependant upon himself but to make us more and more like him.

Upon whom or what did Orunmila depend? Did he depend on an Orisa? Think about it carefully. He received what help and support he was able to receive from the Orisa but he himself was dependent on Ifa (the spirit of limitless light and life) or in other words he was always seeking to grow in Ifa and looked to Ifa to establish him in greater, deeper and purer levels of Ifayele. It can be said that Orunmila was immersed and filled with the Ifa spirit of limitless light and life. Orunmila relied on the joint union of Ifa and his own sacred Ori. This too should be our main practice and abiding support. As our ori is guided, developed and nourished by the Ifa spirit of limitless light and life, so we progressively lead by stages and degrees into Ifayelele. At times we experience growth spurts where we experience Ifayelele powerfully and find ourselves in a wonderful and unexplainable state of heightened awareness, divine trance, holy rapture, strength, sweetness, mystic vision, divine inspiration and power.

But because our Ifayalele is not yet perfected or matured, we come down from that lofty divine state. But even those momentary flashes or experiences of Ifayelele greatly changes and transforms us regardless of the duration of the enlightening, ecstatic and rapturous experience. Little by little we become established in Ifayelele and the duration of our state of Ifayelele is prolonged more and more until Ifayelele is our permanent state or condition from which we no longer come down from or retrogress to a mundane mentality. At the climax of growth, development and perfection our own divinized human mind and/or intelligence we will become complete united or spiritually fused with our divine ori. This is supreme Ifayele. This is what happened to the holy sage and seer of Igeti, Orunmila.  At the height and climax of this attainment due to many  years of learning, perseverence, study, training, struggling, pondering and applying the inner heart mysteries of Ifa,  Orunmila with great ecstasy, extraordinary wonder, heroic victory and joyous rapture entered the highest, final and most complete state of Ifa consciousness, the fusion of his developing and perfect Ori with his own spirit/mind (Ifayelele).

This is the goal Orunmila Oba Atayese has for us. This is the goals we should personally set for ourselves and aspire for. Orunmila is the master of Ifayalele and is able to lead us there. Orunmila is called, 'Iriju Olodumare. Alatunse aiye.  Ikuforiji. Oba  Olofa asun l'Ola.' (The prime minister of the Creator. The one whose function is to set the world right. The being whom even death honors! The ruler who draws blessings and prosperity after him and who sleeps in the midst of honor.) Aboru Aboye ooo Orunmila! How do you suppose my dear friends, fellow initiates and genuine seekers of truth that Orunmila will be rectifying and setting things right in the world? Think for a moment. Meditate the mystery of Ifa. Ponder it in your own heart and discern the answer, the reality. 

The world is you! The world is me! The world of your heart and mind. The world of my heart and mind. Orunmila will elevate, enhance, develop and perfect your individual mental, emotional and spiritual mental state by progressively taking you through the gradual stages of attainment of Ifayelele. This is the true meaning of the Ifa revelation that Orunmila will mend our world. Not the world out there, external to yourself but the inner world of your feelings, desires, imagination, emotions and will. When Ifa revelation says Ifa will mend our world it means the mending of the individual heart and mind i.e. your world, your life, your inner world and inner life which is expressed through your conduct, behavior, demeanor and words. When you and I are mended, healed and rectified as individuals then the entire world is naturally and consequentially rectified. 

So my dear friends, initiates and fellow companion-practitioners are you up for the journey of Ifayelele? Is your interest piqued? Does the desire for the attainment of Ifayelele burn in your heart with unwavering intensity? Do you want to taste, savor, glean and learn more of this sacred and confidential Ifa mystery? To achieve Ifayelele Orunmila studied, persevered and applied himself diligently and resolutely. When the journey got intense and the ajogun attempted to oppose Orunmila in his high goal of Ifayelele he did not give up or give in. He would call on Ela Iwori Asiwaju to support, encourage and strengthen him!  Dear fellow companions and practitioners of Ifa, learn more and savor more of this divine mystery you will by the blessing of Ifa. But for now this message and teaching is adequate and sufficient.

Ogbo ato asure iworiwofun. Aboru Aboye.


Os sábios procuram solução alimentando a raiz de cada fenômeno com consciência espiritual e disciplina. Os arbustos e as folhas obtêm bastante vida, alimento espiritual, força espiritual, energia e vibração forte para sobreviver apesar dos desafios e dos adversários na selva da vida.

O sábio (awo)  não apenas embeleza a cabeça e o corpo físico, enquanto o verdadeiro pilar ou raiz está podre ou o além está morto, mas assegura o fundamento adequado para a próxima geração sobreviver e viver bem. O tolo (ogberi) esquece a raiz, mas trata e embeleza o corpo e as partes, deixando a raiz apodrecida.

IFA diz que a raiz determina o resultado (que é a raiz quem determina as folhas). Awo ou o sábio começa uma fundação forte, planta e prepara uma terra boa para a colheita crescer e continuar nutrindo a colheita até que uma semente boa seja colhida e usada, o processo continue até a eternidade.  IFA nos aconselha que o fundamento de todas as coisas está no estado espiritual sadio e na compreensão divina, enquanto o físico é a manifestação da realidade escondida da vida - a consciência divina e espiritual.

Equilibre sua vida com um meio espiritual e conhecimento divino, a vontade física manifestará sua verdadeira identidade. Esteja preparado para ser espiritualmente consciente e divinamente equipado para enfrentar a dura realidade da vida, assumir a armadura espiritual, a fim de travar uma forte guerra contra a fraqueza física, erro, raiva, ódio, má intenção e desequilíbrio. A vitória de acordo com a IFA será alcançada e o sucesso será o sua riqueza  e longa vida em boa saúde será para ti a sua geração ainda não nascida.

Quando você está em espírito, você só pensa em fazer e agir bem e em falar boas palavras, porque a recompensa é maior do que você pensa. O Espírito é a vida e o sábio sabe o valor dos passos espirituais, Não perca tempo para dar o passo espiritual na mais simples de todas as coisas, que é a raiz de todas as coisas no universo.

Por favor, orem! A oração torna-se a mais simples ação espiritual e passo para iluminar a alma de todos os homens no universo.

Deus te abençoê