Ifá refers to the system of divination and the verses of the literary corpus known as the Odù Ifá. The Ifá Divination system was added in 2005 by UNESCO to its list of the "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

The Yorùbá religion comprises the traditional religious and spiritual concepts and practices of the Yorùbá people. It has influenced or given birth in the new world to a host of thriving ways of life such as Lucumí, Umbanda and Candomblé.

Our mission is to bring the philosophy, knowledge and wisdom of Ifa to all people, regardless of race, colour, sex or religion in order to promote the welfare and development of all mankind. Life is not just a gift or a present but it is in our responsibility to make best use of our limited time, and wrestling or fighting for what is noble and the best so that we can win the race of happiness, hence a crisis or challenges may or can lead us to greater victory, and joy.

AyeAkamara - Society for the Study of Ifa, Chief Ogunsina Babatunde Olayinka Adewuyi.

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Ogunsina Photo

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Ori - To calm ori and to connect it with ones higher self

Using the vibration of Ose otura

Get a new ifa tray , mark the above odu very early in the morning  on iyereosun , mix the iyereosun with water and small black soap , and use  the water and the soap to wash the head at least three times  repeatedly  in three days . This procedure must be performed very early in the morning before drinking water or eating any food .

Remember that before going on to perform this act , ensure to offer obi , orogbo , atare for Esu lalu , or Elegbara so as to serve as connecting lick between the said Ori and the cosmic vibration of Ose otura . Since Osetura is the odu responsible for Esu at all levels of life , hence , obeisance to Esu Elegbara , Esu odara , Esu lalu , Esu beleke ,  esu .

The incantation used is thus
Doro ponmi o doro
Doro ponmo o doro
Iye omo o jomo o Sun
Omo a ti Sun
Omo a ti loyun
Omo a ti bimo
A dia folori to fori ara re sile
Ti nbo idi ado
Ti o Tetê mo pe ori eni lawure eni
Ori eni isese eni
Ori eni lalabaro eni
Ori eni lapemoni ire
Ori eni lapejuba akoko eni
Ori eni ni seni boti wu
Ori temi Yi , ori ero
Ifa o ba Tetê jê ki ori temi mumi dele ola , dele oro , dele eye , dele isinmi bayi

Translation  of the above verse
Doro ponmi o doro
Doro ponmi o doro
The consciousness of the baby does not allow the baby to sleep in peace
The baby is all about having sexual intercourse
The child is all about becoming pregnant with the fruits of the womb
The baby is all about being born among the living
Thus divine ifa oracle for the winner and the leader who abandoned his own ori
And was offering sacrifice to the miniature gourd
He does not know that one’s Ori is one supporter
He does not know that one’s ori is the first tradition or point of  divine contact
He does not know that one’s ori  is the first benefactor
He does not know that one’s  ori is the  one  that attract blessing to one’s generation
He does not know that one’s  ori is the   to give obeisance on waking up
He does not know that one’s  ori is the to attract the command of higher force and align with that force to bring about  greater achievement and victory
If one does not propitiate ori , he can misgovern and misdirect one’s life  in a way disconnected with higher forces and power.
My Ori must be calm to attract abundance blessings and victory
May ORi bring me to the point of victory , success , health , wealth , riches, prosperity , and surplus  Oh IFA

Then , you can instruct the person to go and bath with soap ,  mixed with iyereosun , which must be repeated three times, in three days , without having sexual contact ,  eating or drinking till the procedure is performed in the morning , it must be first thing in the morning , later , the person in question can eat which must be fruits , vegetables or natural  for three days of aligning with higher power , calmness will surely manifest in the life of the person .

Note , an ifa priest who will undertake this great steps , must stay clear of sex , food , anger , and other unnatural steps or unnatural activities.  The third days , the babalawo will pray and offer this mantra again before the person goes home using the verse from okanran meji  marked  on iyereosun. During the chanting , three  cowries ,  can be used  to rub the iyereosun and touch the head of the person in question

Agbele gbigbo loruko ti a a pe Eegun
Ejiogbe ló te Eegun nifa
O ni gbogbo araye o moo pe sin Eegun
Gbogbo araye  ni ni pe sin egun
Oba ominrinniposa loruko ti a npe Orunmila
Oyeku meji ló te Orunmila nifa
O  ni gbogbo aye ni o moo pe sin Orunmila
Gbogbo araye ni n pee Jô sin Orunmila
Atoba atijoye
Gbogbo won ni n fori bale fun ifa
Won ni fori bale fun ikin
Baba bori jagajigi loruko a ape osanyin
Iwori meji ló te osainyin nifa
O ni gbogbo aye ni o pe e sin osainyin
Gbogbo aye  ni n pee joo sin osanyin
Afunkeke  fala jaye loruko ti a ape Orisa obatala oseremanigbo lotun isalaye
Odi meji ló te obatala  nifa
O ni gbogbo  aye ni o mo sin oosa Nla alaso funfun , oko Yemowo
A jaye gbindin gbindin mo saan ku loruko a ape osun
Irosun meji ló te osun nifa
O ni gbogbo aye ni o moo pe sin osun
Gbogbo aye ni  o npee Jô sin osun
Ajejeje um jaigbo loruko  ti AA pe iwo Ileele
Owonrin  meji ló te ileele nifa
O ni gbogbo araye  ni o moo pe sin ileele
Gbogbo araye  ni a pe sin ileele
Gbogbo araye  ni a pe sin ileele
Saluje mo jomo awo loruko  ti a pe eyin iyaami osoromaniga apani ma wa gun olokiki orun
Obara meji la fi te iyaami osoronga ni fa
Ti a fi osa meji , osa awon to laye pe ori wa wasi isalu aye jingbinrin
O ni ki gbogbo araye ni o moo pe sin eyin iyaami osoromaniga
Gbogbo araye ni a pe Jô sin eyin iyaami mi aje
Sekiri alagbaja
Tefi alaalaagbaja loruko ti a ape Esu  Odara nife oyee, nife odaye , nife odua
Okanran meji ló te iwo esu  odara nifa
O ni gbogbo aye , ni o o pe sin iwo seu odara lotun isalaye
Gbogbo aye ni a pe e joo sin iwo seu odara
Ifa o to gege komo araye o moo pejo waa sin mi ooo
Ori kan sososo lorukoo ni
Orunmila o to gege
Komo araye o waa fi rere owoo won fun mi
Ori kan sososo lorukoo ni
Ewe ojusaju  lo ni won o moo gbe rere se isaajuu mi
Ori meji  ni o gbodo si
Ori temi nikan sosos ni ko wa deni apesin
Ori temi , ko maa um suru labe isoro ni ilê aye
Ori kan sososo loruko ni
Ifa o to gege ki gbogbo araye o moo wa yo mo mi nigbayi ooo
Atewe atagba nii yoo mo iyo
Ori kan sososo nii yo mi iyo
Ori kan sososo loruko ni
Ifa   o to  gegege  koo waa sere temi fun mi
Ogbe mejeejo
Eyin leepe sikiti  ti e e la babalawo lode isalaye
Eyin Lee pe sikiti ti e e la ogberi lode isalaye
O to gegege kee wa la mi ooo

Ela ii gbori igi di mola
Egiri alo , ki wa la mi lode isalaye
Egiri alo

Translation of the above verse
Agbele  gbigbo is the name we call Egungun- The ancestral Power
Ejiogbe was the one that initiated Eegun into IFA oracle
He directed all men to idolize , adore  and give obeisance to egungun
All men worship and revere egungun
Lord Ominrinnipasa is the heavenly name we call Orunmila
Oyeku meji is that energy used to initiate Orunmila bara mi Agbonniregun  into ifa oracle
He predicted  all would idolize and revere  Orunmila
All  human beings venerate orunmila
Lords and the slave rush to worship orunmila
They all worship ikin under the leadership of Enitolodu
Father with  formedless head   is the appellation and description of osaiyin
Iwori meji was the vibration used to initiate Osaiyin into IFA cult
Ifa said , all men would venerate osainyin
The entire world bow before the lord Osainyin to tap from his mystical power
 Whiteness and purity (afunkeke fala jaye)  is the name we call Orisa Obatala the ancient of days
Odi meji was the vibration that initiated Obatala into ifa oracle
Ifa  directed all men  to adore and worship the lord of white and purity in the physical state of existence and in the heaven above
All men heeding to ifa advise and start to worship the lord of Whiteness and the patient –Obatala the ancient of days .

Ajaye gbindin-gbindin  mo saan ku is the name we call Osun
Irosun meji is the vibration used to initiate yeye Osun Segeye
Ifa directed all men to worship and venerate yeye Osun olomi tutu
All venerate yey Osun ajalaye

Ajejeje mu jaigbo  is the name we call Ileele
Owonrinmeji is the vibration used to initiate ileele---mother earth
He predicted that all people would venerate ileele—mother earth
All over the world ,
Mother earth  spread  all over the world

Saluje  mo jomo awo  is the name we call you , the lady of Nightly rite – the mystical bird of the night
Obara meji is employed and used to initiate oh yee the lady of Nightly rite-iyaami osoronga
Using the vibration of osa meji to bring them into the world of men and institute their power to effect all changes in life
All men give their obeisance to Iyaami Osoromaniga

Teni Alaalaagbaja is the name we call Esu Odara  in the city of the mystery , the holy city of Ife
Okanran meji was the one that initiated esu odara into ifa oracle
Ifa directed all men to adore and idolize  Esu odara
All men idolize and worship Esu odara

Ifa is the right time  the men of the world gather together to adore me
It is only one head  that  he-goat (male goat)
Orunmila bara Agbonniregun  , it is the right time , people venerate me and worship my Ori
For men of the world  to give me the good things  in their keep
It is only one head  that the he-goat  has
Orunmila , it is time
For the men of the world  to give me and accord me the necessary respect and love in life
It is only one head that the he-goat  has
Orunmila  it is the right time
For the men of the world to assemble and bless me
It is only one head that the he-goat has
Orunmila let the men of the world bless and adore me

The leave of ojusaju  has commanded that all men should shower me with mercy , love and prosperity
The two heads don’t  exists on one body , only on special mysterious occasions
It is my head alone that should become idolized and revered
It is only one head  that the goat has
Ifa , it is time  for all the children  of men  to revere and adore me
Both young  and the old  adore the salt
It is only one head  that the goat has
Ifa it is time for you  to do my own , all you eight odu
You are the ones  that form  a bunch to enrich a babalawo on Earth
You are the ones who team up to enrich a babalawo on Earth.
It is the time for you to enrich me
Ela would never be on the top of the holy tree and not bless the world
Of yee the greatest master and savior , be quick to enrich me and calm my head to attract enormous divine blessings


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