Ifá refers to the system of divination and the verses of the literary corpus known as the Odù Ifá. The Ifá Divination system was added in 2005 by UNESCO to its list of the "Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity".

The Yorùbá religion comprises the traditional religious and spiritual concepts and practices of the Yorùbá people. It has influenced or given birth in the new world to a host of thriving ways of life such as Lucumí, Umbanda and Candomblé.

Our mission is to bring the philosophy, knowledge and wisdom of Ifa to all people, regardless of race, colour, sex or religion in order to promote the welfare and development of all mankind. Life is not just a gift or a present but it is in our responsibility to make best use of our limited time, and wrestling or fighting for what is noble and the best so that we can win the race of happiness, hence a crisis or challenges may or can lead us to greater victory, and joy.

AyeAkamara - Society for the Study of Ifa, Chief Ogunsina Babatunde Olayinka Adewuyi.

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Ogunsina Photo

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Words of sound advice for followers of Ifa

Aboru Aboye to all sincere seekers of truth, initiated ones and noble investigators of the path of personal peace, power and fulfillment.

The way of Ifa is simple and not complicated. Simplicity, honesty, straightforwardness, patience, kindness, respect, gratitude and applied intelligence is the way to abiding peace, good health, divine ability and faith based on personal experience.

It is good to have an open mind and a willingness to trust. But together with an open mind and willingness to trust there must be a personal resolve to confirm, ascertain, verify and establish the sincerity, good-heartedness and personal qualifications of another. Blind faith is no faith. Blind faith is death. Blind faith is ignorance and a sure sign of immaturity. Just a we cannot in advance profess that a certain fruit is tasty, good and refreshing if we have never eaten it to know for ourselves its taste, goodness and beneficial properties in like manner we are not and cannot profess faith, trust and/or confidence in another without personal verification and clear evidence. A good heart has to be balance by an impartial intelligence. Never allow others to tell advantage to you. Never ascribe to others in advance qualities, abilities and graces that you personally do not know them to have.

One can serve Olodumare and be normal. Extremism is not an expression of godliness. One can live a simple life fulfilling one's duties to ones family and community and at the same time enjoy a deep and profound relationship with and realization of the greatness, sweetness and glory of Olodumare. Practical action informed by divine wisdom and actuated by divine love is the way to enjoy abiding peace, harmony, happiness, contentment and inner accomplishment.

Just like a person invests time, effort and investigates carefully before commiting their life, time and resources to a cause so should a seeker of truth be careful at the time of selecting another person to be a guide and teacher to them. Always seek the light and guidance from the Source Supreme- Olodumare Enitolaye - The Owner, source and repository of all powers, energies, virtues and graces. Only Olodumare can be our master, true teacher and companion of the heart. We are His disciples only. All others are only agencies of truth and light. They are reliable and good agencies and/or channels of truth only to the extent that they are abiding by the truth, living the truth and sharing divine knowledge and experiences honestly. When they cease to be this we are free to turn away from them. No man or group of men owns our life and no group of men has the right to rule and govern us in regard to seeking the truths of the divine realm. We have been endowed by Olodumare with freedom, power and ability to think, choose and decide for ourselves by the gift of the good mind, intelligence and conscience that He has given us. We alone are responsible for what we decide and choose. Others should not think, decide and choose for you. This is your divine privilege and prerogative. Do not hand over to another the divine wish fulfilling gem that Olodumare has deposited in your heart.

Have simultaneous confidence in Olodumare as you personally understand, perceive and apprehend Him and in yourself. The spirit, presence, divine light and eternal truth of Olodumare is within you. Others can only point you to it or reveal this fact to you but they cannot give you what is not theirs to give. They cannot give to you what you already have. Neither can they take it from you. It is Olodumare's gift and endowment of love, respect and reverence for you. Each one has received his own eternal, beautiful and mysic treasure from Olodumare. Discover it. Relish it. Live in it, by it and for it and you will realize sanctity, divine knowledge and supreme love. When this treasure is personally discovered, verified and realized the spiritual life moves along smoothly, with gracefulness, sweetness and effortlessness. Effortlessness is experienced not because one has ceased to exert, discipline and apply oneself but because everything that ones is doing is done with a spirit of enthusiasm, attraction, interest and delight so it feels effortless, natural, moving along like the waters of the river flow effortlessly in its journey to reach its source, the ocean.

Eventually a moment in your spiritual development will arrive when you will have to learn how to depend on your own trained and disciplined spiritual senses, intelligence and power. Learn how to trust and be lead by your own divinely given spiritual root or foundation. You are not to be lead by the unique root and foundation of another but by your own. This is root, foundation and essence which lives in and guides, monitors and enhances your spiritualized (divinized) mind is called Ori Inu.

When you are established, unified with and conscientiously and consciously living in union and harmony with your Ori then you are an Orisa (Ori-Sa): One who is personally lead, filled and permeated with the divine presence, power and grace (uncreated love filled and intelligence permeated energies of Olodumare.

When you unique personality and matured divine character is blended, mixed and/or fused with Ori then you are a living Orisa of the earth displaying gracefulness, divinity, love, authority and divine sweetness in all you do. You become an alluring, attractive, divinely irresistable and charming person able to effect power inner transformations and upliftment in the lives of others.

Aspire for this. Ifa is for this. The study and practice of Ifa is for the purpose of attaining the mature fruit of Ifayelele: divine accomplishment, fulfilment of our destiny (Olodumare's pre-ordained multifaceted blue print plan of growth, development, happiness, satisfaction and fulfilment) for our lives. Destiny does not mean making or setting up our own goals, plans or objectives for and then attempting to fulfil them. This is not destiny but sure failure and frustration. Destiny is to acknowledge the reality and place of Olodumare in our life and learning from Ifa what Olodumare's supreme aim and goal is for our life.

To bring our feelings, thoughts and will in unison with Olodumare's revealed glorious purpose and to live to achieve and realize this purpose is to live in and enjoy the state or condition of Ifayelele. Harmony with ones true and eternal purpose of existence. This state, condition and divine awareness called Ifayelele deepens, expands and becomes sweeter from day to day. From Ifayelele arises unending divine vitality, strength, happiness, joy, peace, serenity, awe and the clear conviction that life and all of its ups and downs are for our ultimate good and happiness. All becomes a vision of grace, beauty and love. In everything, in everyone, in every occurence one beholds Olodumare and experiences the mystery of divine love and wisdom at work. In Ifayelele we are free from self preoccupation, self-consciousness and selfishness. In Ifayelele we are beyond the measure of good and evil, vice and virtue as formulated by the ogberi (unenlightened and worldly minded person). We are situated in Ifayelele in the divine transcendental state and are lead not by our own finite intelligence and petty minds but by the Supreme Divine Current of perfect intelligence, health, wellbeing and kindness which cannot be obstructed, hindered, blocked or overturned by anything or anyone. A man or women in Ifayelele is free from the sufferings of this world and is filled with divine light, rapture and supreme delight. The man or woman established in Ifayelele remains in peace, goodness, patience and love and cannot be agitated, ruffled or moved by the mean, indifferent and selfish words and actions of others. Life a lotus flower that is born in the mud yet it is not soiled by dirt and remains unstained even though its roots are buried in the mud underneath the waters so does the man or woman established in Ifayelele can live in this world but be above it. He or she is not actuated by the thoughts, feelings, motives or desires of the ogberi but is moved only by the divine sentiment and power. This is what your aim and goal should be in your careful study and practice of Ifa. If you think that Ifa is to accumulate the temporary benefits of physical health, material wealth, supernatural abilities and affluence then you are mistaken and have not understood Ifa at all. Ifa to attract to the essential begins by giving you provisional blessings (benefits) such a improve health, enhanced abilities, fulfillment of basic necessities for living effectively and a measure of affluence or personal confidence for loving with positive and uplifting motivational factors. Health, longevity, good character, patience, rectitude and respect is what Ifa defines as riches and treasures. But to what end does Ifa begin by giving the provisional blessings (benefits)? Ifa does this to stabilize your inner life and establish an basis of confidence, trust and motivation in us so that with that foundational basis we can proceed to the true aim and goal with ease and without needless distraction----Ifayelele.

Think these things over my fellow companions and practitioners of the way. Do not accept them on my word neither dismiss them prematurely. Think carefully, ponder these truths ok your heart, allow these truths, ideals and spiritual facts to interact with your Ori. You will see, feel, experience and know on your own the truth and power of these words because they are of one essence and reality with your own Ori. Apply what you recieve from your Ori and gain stability, firmness and foundation in your inner life.

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